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Resident Selection Criteria 


1. Demonstrated ability to pay rent on time.

2. References from former landlords (at least two years of good referenceds are needed). All prospective residents must provide previous landlords’ name, address, and phone number.

3. Credit references. Credit checks will be used in addition to rent payment history. If the credit check reveals previous judgments for landlords, applicants will not be selected. Consideration may be given to applicants with some faulty credit history who can demonstrate a history of rent payments being current and can gather positive references from 2 or 3 previous landlords. 

4. The applicant was/is able to fulfill obligations and comply with all terms of the previous/current rental agreement.

5. All prospective residents are required to have a criminal background check completed and approved before signing a rental lease. 

6. Special cases will be reviewed by the agent on a case-by-case basis


1. No open or pending bankruptcy.

2. No felony convictions for crimes against another, to include distribution of narcotics, assault, sex offenders, etc..

4. No pending criminal charges.

5. Two years of verifiable positive rental history.

6. The income of at least 2.5 times the monthly rent for the unit. (If an applicant receives rental assistance – that may be counted towards income.)

Applicants are notified as to their status with each receiving a written or verbal notice detailing selection, rejection or waiting list placement. Reasons for rejection may include:

1. A record of unfavorable past performance of nonpayment including rent and utilities.

2. A record of disruptive behavior.

3. A record of destruction of property.

4. A record of poor living or housekeeping habits.

5. A history of criminal activity involving crimes of physical violence to persons, animals or property, or a record of other criminal acts which may endanger the health, safety or welfare of other residents.

6. The applicant was/is unable to fulfill obligations and comply with all terms of the previous/current lease/rental agreement.

7. An applicant has current or recent problems involving chemical or drug dependency resulting in any of the other reasons for non-selection.

8. Applicant’s household characteristics are not appropriate for the size or type of units that are available. The current occupancy guideline is no more than two people per bedroom.

9. The applicant has a history of activities that would be injurious to the reputation of the property and/or be likely to cause an increase in the rate of hazard insurance on the property.

10. The applicant purposely falsified, misrepresented or withheld information or submitted inaccurate and/or incomplete information on any application.

11. The applicant refuses to comply with housing program requirements, policies and/or procedures (i.e. failure to sign and submit relevant forms, consents, releases, etc.).

12. The applicant’s total household gross income exceeds the income guidelines mandated by the housing program requirements.

Rental History Reports is the screening company that processes background checks. They may be contacted at 701 5th St S, Hopkins, MN 55343 or 888.389.4023.

Interested in our development properties?


Can I pay my rent online? yes, through RentCafe - request a link be mailed

– Yes, Request a link be emailed to you, by calling 320-259-0393

Do you accept Section 8 Rental Assistance?

– Yes, we do.

Do you allow pets?

– No. The majority of our properties do not allow pets.

Do you have occupancy guidelines?

– Yes. Our guidelines are as follows:

  • 2 bedroom, 4 people maximum

  • 3 bedroom, 6 people maximum

Do you have Rental Assistance?

Please contact a Property Manager for information on local programs that offer rental assistance.

How long is the application process?

– The background check usually takes 1-3 business days to complete. We are also required to verify all sources of income and all assets, so it depends on how long it takes banks, employers, etc. to return the forms to us. On average an application can be completed within three weeks.

How much notice is required before I move out?

-A notice of two full calendar months is required for all properties except the following USDA-RD locations that require one full calendar month notice: Braham Heights, Gilmanor Apartments, Johnson Apartments, Randall Apartments, and Waverly Community Homes.

What should I do if I cannot pay my rent?

-Contact your manager or the Property Manager prior to when rent is due to work out a payment plan.

When is my rent due?

-The first of each month.