Central Minnesota Housing Partnership, Inc. is an expert in creating affordable multi-family housing in communities across central Minnesota through smart planning and collaboration with cities and other partners. We have completed both new construction and preservation projects utilizing a variety of funding sources, including housing tax credits, Minnesota Housing financing products, HOME funds, NHTF funds, tax increment financing, tax-exempt bonds, Federal Home Loan Bank, and other local funding sources. Our experiences in working with these funding sources position us to address the critical need for more affordable housing in our region.

As long-term owners with strong asset and property management expertise, we are good neighbors and our presence in a community makes a difference. We go beyond effectively managing our properties, too – we build and maintain important relationships with cities, public agencies, and community organizations.

Our Process…

Our development staff analyze the affordable housing needs in our region by researching region housing trends and communicating with local government and organizations. When selecting a location for a new affordable housing development project we research the location in relation to the population we are targeting to serve and evaluate potential funding/financing opportunities. Being thorough in our planning and preparation ensures we develop properties to meet the long-term needs of our residents and the community.

We handle all aspects of the development process, including:

  • Site and market analysis
  • Preparation and submission of funding/financing applications and proposals
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • City approvals
  • Construction management

Every day we see the benefit of stability in our resident’s lives, and in the neighborhoods where our properties are located. Because of this, we are developing affordable housing that will be around for the “long haul”. We are fully committed to owning and managing the affordable housing properties we develop for the long term.

If your community needs affordable housing, please contact to:

Deanna Hemmesch, Executive Director: deanna@cmhp.net, 320-258-0671

Jason Krebsbach, Community Development Director: jason@cmhp.net, 320-258-0672

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